I’m just trying to become a better person in and out.
Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
I look for ways to better myself and one other every day.

Yes everyday i try. 

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Night out

after a stressful week I am going out. Drinking a little and turning up. I am going to be lit at the pajama jam tonight at my school. I am so excited.

work load crazy

Im a senior at the University of Rhode Island

I am currently taking 6 classes

I have to start studying for the GREs to get into Grad school. I want to become a professor.

I have 4 jobs..

I work at a dining hall, (janitorial duty monday through thursday)

Enrollment services

Davis Hall I represent the Harrington school of Communication studies and Media to prospective students and families

and I work at a Venue called the Ryan Center much like the RockAFeller center.

The GREs are very hard and it is about $200 to take the exam in addition to buying the book. I am so overwhelmed and worst of all I am doing this all alone. I have no family and not enough friends. shit skressful bruh. It’,ll all be worth it in the end and my mom, may she rest in peace, will be proud of her little girl.

I believe you make time for what you what

When I realize it’s about to be two weeks that I don’t see him, I ask him to hang out and he hits me with the “I’ll try, Im a busy guy.”

I have niggas blowing up my line to chill. I do not want any of them. I want YOU. I want to chill with YOU. I want to kiss and hug up on YOU.

I am taking 6 classes and work ALL 3 jobs during the week. My work load is ridiculous and I still try and find time to see you. Are you kidding me?